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Electrical Training

The Eden Area ROP Electrical Program (formerly CCTC) is a California state-approved provider for the Electrical Trainee Program School #109. We offer two electrical course options designed for aspiring electricians. The Electrical Trainee Program School #109 is approved and listed under the Department of Industrial Relation, Electrician Certification Unit and the Department of Apprenticeship Standards

To download Electrician Trainee Registration forms (ET card), please see the links below:

  • New or Reinstatement Application Form
    To apply for a new (first time) or Reinstate (expired) ET Card, you will need to submit: 
    • Application Form
    • Proof of Enrollment (request from ROP by email or phone)
    • and a check or money order for $25 make payable to "CA DIR" (Department of Industrial Relations).
  • Renewal Application Form 
    To renew an ET Card, you will need to submit:
    • renewal ET card application form 
    • proof of enrollment for a current class (request from ROP by email or phone) 
    • and proof of 150 hours of training in the past one year (the equivalent of three-semester classes), print transcript of your Orbund account.
  • Electrician Examination and Certification Application Form

The ET card will be sent to your address on file in at least 30 days. You can also check the DIR’s website and print your ET CARD

If you have any questions about your ET Card, please contact the CA Dept of Industrial Relation (DIR) directly at (510) 286-3900.

We offer both day and evening class offerings as well as a hybrid option that incorporates both online and in-person learning times. Please review our class options for additional information.

Eligibility Requirements

Our electrical training program is open to adults over the age of 18 who demonstrate basic math, reading, and writing skills. All students must register through our website and make a payment (online or in-person) or make an arrangement for a third party payment.

An U.S. government issued ID is required to apply for the mandated Electrician Trainee (ET) Card from the California Dept. of Industrial Relations (DIR).

Class Options

Accelerated Trainee Program (Day Class)
Hybrid Trainee Program (Evening Classes)
Journeyman Continuing Education (Online Classes)

Orbund System for Current Students

Log in to Orbund Student Information System to:

    • Work on class assignments
    • See class/school announcements 
    • Work on CE online courses
    • Print Semester Report
    • Print Academic Transcript (classes Fall 2020 and after only), please contact us if you need a transcript prior to Fall 2020 classes
    • Make tuition payment
    • Print receipts (we do not issue Form 1098-T, please use your receipt and Eden Area ROP Tax ID info to file your taxes)